Melanin is the most valuable substance in existence. Melanin is the biochemical substance that drives physical, mental, emotional and spiriutal life. Melanin is what makes Black people Black. Dr. Llaila Afrika says, “Black people must ‘know thyself’ and to know yourself is to know melanin”.

Melanin is secreted by the pineal gland which is the master gland. Blacks have 12 melanin centers in the brain, while white people have only 2.

To truly be free and healthy in mind, body and spirit, we MUST nourish our melanin. And that is what Melanin Rich Wellness is all about .

How to Nourish Melanin

variety of fruits and vegetables
Plant Based Food
wood light vacation picnic
clean clear cold drink

The best way to nourish melanin is Intermittent and Extended Fasting! To learn more about the power of fasting CLICK HERE

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