“I must warn you there is soft juju at work in my thighs”

Upile Chisala

Vaginal steaming is our great, great grandmother’s medicine. As a Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Vaginal steaming is one of my favorite self-care and self-healing practices. Vaginal steaming incorporates four earth elements; water, steam, herbs, and fire to heal, cleanse and nourish the womb. The steam releases the medicinal properties of the herbs to the highly porous and absorbent skin of the vaginal tissue.

Benefits of Vaginal Steaming?

  • Nourishes the womb
  • Regulates the period
  • Gets rid of viruses and diseases
  • Provides a fresh feeling and eliminates odor
  • Cleanses the uterus and clears out old residue
  • Treats Hemorrhoids
  • Helps with menopausal symptoms
  • Eliminates uterine illnesses and diseases
  • Eliminates cramps
  • Clears up bacteria and yeast infections
  • Drains cysts
  • Expels fibroids
  • Resolves unexplained infertility
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Miscarriage recovery
  • Moisturizes vaginal dryness
  • Clears skin

Melanin Rich Wellness has crafted four customized herbal blends that can be used to steam in the comfort of your own home. Not every woman is a candidate for Vaginal Steaming. Please fill out the questionnaire below and we will determine if Vaginal Steaming is safe for you.

Once your responses are received and it is determined that Vaginal Steaming is safe for you, you will be redirected to the online shop to place the herbal order that is right for you! Thank you!

Womb Wellness is a cornerstone of MRW. If you suffer with painful, heavy periods, check out the book below

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