The Black Girl’s Guide to Radical Self-Love


In this groundbreaking book, I reveal a unique 5-step process to achieve radical self-love and feel your own sun.

Self-love is a buzz word nowadays. Everyone talks about self-love. What it is and what it looks like, its words, actions, habits, and deeds. But so many women struggle with not only understanding what self-love is but also how to manifest and experience self-love. I wrote this book because I want Black women to know what it feels like in the sun, in the sun of their own radical self-love. In this book I provide the 5- step process to experiencing radical self-love. My prayer for you is that as you read this book the courage buried deep within you will be begin to rise and squelch the fears and illusions that have kept you a prisoner for so long. I pray that when you look in the mirror, it will be as if you are seeing yourself for the very first time. I pray that the image reflected back to you will take your own breath away. That you will see a woman who is beautiful beyond measure and that you will know without any doubt you not only deserve to feel your sun, but you will experience it deeply.

  1. Know thyself
  2. Accept thyself
  3. Love thyself
  4. Trust thyself
  5. Master thyself


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