One Day at a Time: 444 Inspiring Quotes


I have been “collecting” quotes since I was 16.  As I devoured books, I would write the quotes that resonated with me in my notebooks. The ones I loved, I memorized. I have used quotes to bring life to my blogs, books, essays, and papers.  I consider a good quote as a friend of sorts. Some days, all you need in your loneliest or saddest moments is a good quote. One quote, one day at a time.

I decided to compile 444 of my favorite quotes that have brought me so much joy, knowledge, and wisdom. The quotes in this book cover topics such as physical health, spirituality, self-love, self-realization, personal growth, and romantic love.

Why 444? The number 444 is my favorite number, and it has an incredibly special meaning. 444 means you’re surrounded by ancestors. They are everywhere! And you are completely loved supported and guided by them and you have nothing to fear.

As you read this book of quotes or visit it from time, remember that you are completely loved by your ancestors and they are speaking to you through these quotes one day at a time.


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