F**k Boy Free: 10 Ways to Repel F**k Boys and Attract the Man of Your Dreams

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In 2017, I met the man I believed I would spend the rest of my life with! After years of recycling the same f**k boy with a different face, I had met someone completely different. He changed my life. The intense healing work I’d done over the years to become the best version of myself had paid off! I wanted to share how I was able to attract my kindred spirit with other women so they too would have the experience I had. F**k Boy Free provides 10 tried and true ways to repel f**k boys and attract the man of your dreams.

These strategies includes releasing past lovers, embracing one’s natural feminine essence and exerting feminine energy daily to be a magnetic and highly attractive woman. Using masculine energy to propel one to become the woman of her dreams and engaging in radical self-care is highlighted. Accepting that one’s heart is where a man will make his home and choosing love over fear will not only ensure that you stay f**k boy free but will bring you one step closer to meeting the man of your dreams

2 reviews for F**k Boy Free: 10 Ways to Repel F**k Boys and Attract the Man of Your Dreams

  1. Shauntel

    This is an AMAZING READ!! TAP INTO IT!!

  2. LaTeesha

    This is a good read! Our young girls need to know the tools that some of us weren’t taught in our youth. I shared this book with my teenage niece and she found it to be very insightful❤️

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