A Sojourn Back Home: A Collection of Poems

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My 2019 was the world’s 2020. Everything fell apart. I lost one of my most valuable friendships, I lost my last living grandparent, I left a job after nearly a decade and lastly, I lost a nearly three- year relationship I was certain would lead to marriage and more children. After all these losses in six short months, there was nothing left of the life I had been living. There was nothing else to do, nowhere else to go, except Home….and so I took a sojourn back home. 

This collection of thirty poems is the manifestation of that sojourn. The raw searing truth of a life I no longer recognized. Pieces such as Welcome Home, Slave Mother, and Top Dolla Hoe reveal hidden truths and buried treasures of who I am at the core; a brutally soft woman, in search of the deepest love life has to offer.


1 review for A Sojourn Back Home: A Collection of Poems

  1. Marsinda Tate (verified owner)

    This book of poems brought back so many memories of my childhood & my life! These poems are like food for the soul! These poems are filled with authenticity & LOVE!

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