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Fasting is BETTER than Veganism

“If it came from a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, don’t” Michael Pollan “Anything you can’t fast from, you are a slave to” Edward Williams When people exclaim they’re vegan, it is said with such a self-righteous tone that I want to reply, “Good for you, but don’t break your […]

tired black woman patient sitting on floor and embracing knees in studio

Black Does Crack: The Accelerated Aging of the Black Woman

“The only thing, no matter how long you live; that is truly yours, is your body” J. California Cooper The current state of Black women can be defined as looking good on the outside, while feeling bad on the inside. We have the hair, nails, lashes, makeup, clothes, shoes, and bags, and we are killing […]


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Greetings!, I’m Kathleen and I’ve been writing since I was 14. I write what I live, love, struggle through and overcome. Dr. John Henrik Clark said, “Take what you do best and do it for your people” and this blog is just that. One of my attempts to add some sunshine, hope, love and knowledge to my people!

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