Intermittent Fasting: Our Greatest Weapon

“Anything you can’t fast from, you are a slave to”

Edward Williams

We’ve survived Maafa or the Black/African Holocaust, but Heart disease and Type 2 diabetes are taking us out. We’ve withstood the Middle Passage, the dehumanization and subjugation of chattel slavery, Jim Crow and the terror inflicted on us by the worst terrorist group known to man, the Ku Klux Klan.  But we are currently in the throes of chronic disease and the US Health Care System. While many of us were able to escape life on the plantation, we can’t seem to escape the vicious cycle of doctor visits, trips to the pharmacy and a deteriorating quality of life ultimately resulting in premature death.

Buffalo, NY is the 5th most racially segregated and 3rd poorest city in America. African Americans who reside in zip codes 14204, 14206, 14211, 14212 and 14215 have many of the worst health outcomes in Erie County. The rate of premature death of African Americans living in these zip codes is 300% higher than whites who live outside of these areas (premature death is any death that occurs before age 75). According to The Erie County New York Health Assessment for 2017-2019 and the 2015 Task Force on Health Care Disparity in the African American community, heart disease is the number one cause of death in NYS and Erie County. The rates of Blacks dying from heart disease is 40% higher than whites. These reports also reveal that African Americans are twice as likely to have diabetes as white individuals and Blacks have double the hospital admission rates than whites for diabetes-related conditions. We have absurdly looked to the US Health Care System for a remedy, a cure even. But as we still await our 40 acres and a mule we need to also look elsewhere for our healing.

The situation looks dire but there is a solution, a weapon as I like to call it. Intermittent fasting is our greatest defense against chronic disease and the escape from a system that gets rich while we get sick. In this article I will discuss what intermittent fasting is, why breakfast is not the most important meal of the day and what happens to your body when you are fasting and the results of living a “fast” life.

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“Being healthy, happy and whole is your birthright”