“The plants do teach us. They take us to the heart and soul of Mother Earth. They offer a system of healing that is gentle, imbued with ‘soft power’ and attuned to the feminine spirit”

Rosemary Gladstar

As a child, I marveled at my grandmother’s garden, impressed at the abundance that grew from her hands, the sun and rain. I used to pick leaves from different trees, mix them with water and take a stick and stir; creating all types of conconctions. I had no idea that years later, I would be doing the same with organic roots and herbs, making medicine that would heal myself and others. Herbalism is something that has been rooted in my DNA and heart and I am so proud to bring this tradition to my family and community.

During our years of enslavement, we had to fend for ourselves. There was no white doctor we could go to for assistance, for either minor or major illnesses. We relied solely on the elders in the community who had the knowledge and wisdom of herbalism to create an environment where the body could heal itself at the cellular level. And it worked! For every ailment, illness, ache or pain, there is an herb that will ease, soothe, and heal. For every problem there is an herbal solution.

Herbalism is a practice that is embedded in the ancestral footprint of our DNA. Using herbs and plants for medicinal and healing purposes has been passed down through families and communities since the beginning of time. Famous Black herbalists include the true father of medicine, Imhotep, Queen Nanny of the Maroons, Dr. James Stills, George Washington Carver, and Ms. Emma Dupree. I’m sure you have heard stories or can tell stories about a grandmother or aunt that used roots, herbs, plants or some concoction of each to address an illness. This is herbalism. This is self-determination. This is the art of healing.

Rosemary Gladstar explains, “As a preventative medicine, herbs are inimitable. They build and strengthen the body’s natural immunity and defense mechanism. They nourish the deep inner ecology of our systems on a cellular level…herbs support our life force…herbs often provide the impetus for lasting change”. Herbs can heal in a way prescription medicine cannot. The creator has imbued plants with healing properties. It is not necessary for you to become an herbalist or an expert on all the different types and kinds of herbs that exist. It is only necessary that you begin to look to the earth when an issue arises. One of the most effective ways to use herbs is by drinking teas. When used consistently, herbal teas ensure gradual but long-term results. As Kwame M. Vaughn explains, “Plant medicine was the first medicine…each herb is a reminder of our divine connection to this planet and to our incredible ancestors”.

Every month I will share one of my favorite herbs, its medicinal and magical properties, and my recommendations on how to incorporate that herb in your daily life. I have also created 4 unique healing herbal tea blends that will bring health, healing and wellness to your life. Please click each link to purchase:

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April 2020- Dandelion Leaf

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