White Society is Ir·re·deem·a·ble

“I’m going to tell it like it is. I hope you can take it like it is” Malcolm X While watching the Toni Morrison documentary on Hulu, she said something that resonated deeply with my own personal black nationalist/black radical ideology. She explained that her father believed that white people were irredeemable. I believe theContinue reading “White Society is Ir·re·deem·a·ble”

Unfit To Be A Slave

“You have seen how a man was made a slave; you shall see how a slave was made a man” Fredrick Douglass When Fredrick Douglass was taught to read by his Master’s wife, she was scolded by her husband and forbidden from teaching him any further. Master Auld explained: “If you give a nigger anContinue reading “Unfit To Be A Slave”

I Do Not Consent: My Three Reasons for Not Getting the COVID “Vaccine”

“Only the strong go crazy, the weak just go along” Assata Shakur At 14 years old, I became a staunch critical and independent thinker. In 8th grade my Black social studies teacher taught us Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. In 9th grade, I took an American History class and learned that wasn’t how it wentContinue reading “I Do Not Consent: My Three Reasons for Not Getting the COVID “Vaccine””