The Migraine Series, Part II, Magnesium: The Migraine Mineral

“Mother Earth’s medicine chest is full of healing herbs of incomparable worth.” Robin Rose Bennett This article is about the migraine mineral, magnesium! It is one of the most important minerals every migraineur needs to add to their arsenal to treat and prevent migraine attacks. In Part 1 of the Migraine series, I revealed the…

The Root Cause of Migraine Revealed

“When something hurts, there is always a cellular reason for the pain.” Author Unknown My Migraine History I had my first migraine in 2013. The pain was so excruciating, I went to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with hypertension. Now I realize, I was misdiagnosed, and it was actually a migraine. I had…

The Only Detox Book You Need- Sneak Peak: Read the Intro and Chapters 1 &2

On 3/21/23, I’m releasing my 13th book, “The Only Detox Book You Need: 7 Proven Strategies to Help You Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Reverse the Aging Process” As with every book release, I’m really, really excited! Check out The Introduction and Chapters 1& 2! Introduction Health is the greatest wealth, and we will…

8 Things Mentally Tough Black Women Don’t Do

“Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you; it will only burn what you are not” Mooju As a self-proclaimed mentally tough and resilient Black woman, I strive daily to live a principled and spiritually authentic existence that honors my Melanin Rich DNA. Living as such, the things I DON’T do…


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Kathleen is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, Yin Yoga Instructor, Vaginal Steam Facilitator, and Death Doula. She is also an Intermittent Fasting Guru and Traditional Hoodoo Practitioner. She has dedicated her life to sharing the knowledge, wisdom, and teachings needed to optimize the physical and spiritual health of the Black community

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