One of the Best Kept Secrets in Medicine

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“America’s health care system is neither, healthy, caring, nor a system”

Walter Cronkite

By definition, a secret is, “something that is kept unknown or unseen by others” or “something taken to be a key to a desired end.” The US Health Care System has kept us mentally paralyzed when it comes to making decisions about what is best for our health and healing. We tend to doubt and question the knowledge inherently built into our DNA, and instead put our trust and faith in a system designed to see us fail. It is time that we call all of our power back to us, and it begins with revealing one of the best kept secrets in medicine.

What is one of the best kept Secrets?

Chronic disease does not run-in families.

Just because everyone in your family has Hypertension or Type 2 diabetes does not mean you will get Hypertension or Diabetes. That is one of the best kept secrets in medicine. One of the first things doctors want to know is our family history. This information is then used to perpetuate the myth that chronic disease runs in families. Disease does not run-in families, diet does. Disease does not run-in families, environments do. Lifestyles run in families, and mindsets run in families. And just for argument’s sake, even if does run in your family, it runs out with you! Because you have the power to break the generational curse of disease in your family and create the generational blessing of health and wellness.

Every disease imaginable runs in my family. You name it and someone had it or has it. Hypertension, Heart disease, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Breast Cancer, and Type 2 diabetes are a part of my family history. But my mindset is, “I don’t care who had it or has it, I am not getting it”.

I am not relegated to a life of chronic disease because my parents and grandparents may have chronic disease. I refuse to carry that burden and I refuse to perpetuate that narrative.

Yes, we do inherit DNA and genes from our parents that were inherited from their parents and so on, but what is more important than the presence of the gene is the activation of that gene. If I have genes that predispose me to Hypertension, what matters is IF those genes are expressed and activated. If they remain dormant and unexpressed, then I have nothing to worry about. The mere presence of a gene is not a cause for alarm. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains:

“The gene itself doesn’t physically change-the expression of the gene changes, and that expression is what matters most because that is what affects our heath and our lives. Even though someone may have a genetic predisposition for a particular disease, if their genes continue to express health instead of expressing disease, they won’t develop the condition and remain healthy.”

Just because mama has it doesn’t mean you have to have it. Mama may have the gene and you may have the gene, but you have the power to determine if that gene will express health or disease. Chronic disease does not run in families.

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