I Still Do Not Consent: The Message Of The Unvaxx’d

“The opposite of courage is not cowardness but conformity”

Robert Anthony

On July 19th, I wrote a blog titled, “I Do Not Consent: My Three Reasons for Not Getting the COVID “Vaccine”. To read that blog, click HERE. Nearly 6 moths later, and I still do not consent. I believe it is time to revisit the topic and explain why I do not consent to this “free” medical treatment. I put free in quotations because nothing and I mean nothing offered by white society is free. There is always a cost.

It is equally important as an unvaccinated individual to let other unvaccinated individuals know they are not alone. I am not in a war with the vaccinated. Myself, my fiancé and my 10-year old daughter are unvaccinated. Nearly everyone else I love and care for is vaccinated. I do not judge them (well, not out loud lol). Because bashing the vaccinated means bashing my parents and that is simply something I will not do. The vaccinated have chosen to exercise their God given right to choose what is done to their bodies and I have done the same.

“The only thing, no matter how long you live that is ever truly yours is your body”

J. California Cooper

But I do take issue with the number of people who are presenting themselves as subject matter experts when it comes to the health of the Black Community and the “vaccine”. I take issue with the arrogance with which people are regurgitating the propaganda they hear from mainstream media and society as if it is truth. One of my favorite quotes is, “the price of an opinion is evidence“. I greatly resent those who have an opinion, but no clear convincing evidence or ideological foundation to support their perspective. To be clear, I am a SME when it comes to the health of the Black Community, especially regarding this vaccine. In addition to four certifications in the health and wellness field, and 7 years of experience, I have a Masters Degree in Public Health. I have paid the price of my opinion and stance.

The three reasons I listed in my first blog for not getting the vaccine are the same today. I do not trust anything that white society offers. I’ve learned to never pick up what they put down. This “vaccine” is not a vaccine in the traditional sense, it is a genetic experiment that alters one’s DNA in unknown ways. The long-term impact of this genetic treatment on future generations is unprecedented. Additionally, there has been a substantial amount of adverse reactions to the “vaccine”. Check out TheCovidWorld.com for more information on these adverse reactions. Additionally, I trust the innate healing mechanism of my immune system to combat whatever outside pathogen or virus it comes into contact with. Did I mention I don’t trust anything white society says, does, creates, or promotes?

Lastly, the “vaccine” doesn’t work! People who are vaccinated are still testing positive for COVID. Initially, they said the “vaccine” would stop the spread of COVID. They promised you that if you got the vaccine you wouldn’t have to wear a mask and you could finally get back living a “normal” life. After that was proven to be a lie, they pushed the narrative that the “vaccine” would prevent individuals from becoming gravely ill, but you still had to wear your mask, practice social distancing AND now get a booster. Then there were the variants, but still detectable with the same test. You can’t possibly tell me that this makes sense. You’d have to lie to yourself to go along with the narrative they’re pushing.

“Only the strong go crazy, the weak just go along”

Assata Shakur

Don’t take my word for it, read the following and see for yourself:

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