Black America: Pick A Side & Stand On It

A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways

James 1:8

2021 revealed the double-mindedness of Black America. The definition of double-minded is: wavering in mind : undecided, vacillating.

Black America is wavering in mind when it comes to its stance toward White America. When the police kill a black man, woman or child, Black America is an an uproarious rage! Black America resolves that White society ain’t shit and justice must be meted out! The unresolved trauma of the past 402 years comes bubbling to the surface as sour and burning as stomach acid when one has overindulged in food they had no business eating.

The anger, rage and distrust consumes Black America for a fleeting moment. That is until free medical treatment in the form of a potentially life saving vaccine (so THEY say) is offered.

Suddenly, Black America trusts the science and medicine of White America. Black America lines up to let the same racist society who has spent the last 402 years dehumanizing, subjugating, oppressing, lynching, killing, systematically discriminating, redlining, mass incarcerating, and medically experimenting on now SAVE them from an impending medical crisis or death.

Double minded. Undecided. Vacillating. Black America, pick a side. Feel how you feel about White America and STAND ON IT. Don’t complain about police killings, micro-aggressions in the workplace, discrimination, racial profiling, economic inequities, and other systemic wrongs you endure at the hands of white society when you hand over your most precious gift to them; your body. This double- mindedness makes you unstable in ALL your ways.

Black America, what are we doing? Are we mending the racial tears (damage from being torn) or are we tearing these white folks up? I’m confused. I know where I stand. My righteous anger and justified distrust extends across the board, from past lifetimes to this one; from the healthcare system, to the educational system, to the justice system and the political structure.

Black America, pick a side. Stop picking up the mantra of Black Nationalism and Black Radicalism when it suits you, ONLY to then turn around, go to get your free medical “treatment”(experiment), and vote for the “good” white folk. Pick a Side. You can’t have it both ways. Either you trust white society or you don’t. Feel how you feel about it and stand on it.

Melanin Rich Wellness

The Mission of Melanin Rich Wellness is to optimize the physical and spiritual health of the Black community using African Holistic Health. The three pillars of Melanin Rich Wellness are; Intermittent Fasting, Black Radicalism and Hoodoo. To learn more about MRW click HERE.

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