The Power of a 24-Hour Fast

“Periodic fasting can help clear up the mind and strengthen the body and the spirit”

Ezra Taft Benson

“Instead of medicine, fast for a day”


Life can become quite overwhelming and easily overburden us. It can easily feel as if we are drowning in a sea of obligations and duties. We fail to prioritize our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health. We carry the burden of the world on our shoulders, while absorbing the energies of everyone around us. What we need is a moment to step away from life as it is. We need the chance to hit the reset button on life to recalibrate, renew and refocus. Ideally, at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. BUT, if Jamaica isn’t an option, the next best thing is a 24-hour water fast.

I have completed over a hundred 24-hour water fasts since beginning my Intermittent Fasting journey in 2018. Each time I complete one, I feel like a brand-new woman. From a physical standpoint, I feel that every time I fast for 24 hours, I have just added one day to my life. From an emotional and energetic standpoint, whatever happened prior to my 24-hour fast no longer matters. Everything is new. My mind is renewed. My energy is more grounded, and I am more rooted. Everything shifts to its proper perspective. A 24-hour fast manifests harmony.

Queen Afua recommends a 24 hour fast each week on the day you were born. The day of your birth is no accident. You were chosen to enter the earth realm on a specific day of the week. When you fast on that day, you are connecting to the vibration of your life’s purpose. It’s an intentional remembering of who you are at the soul level.

A 24-hour fast is the ultimate vacation without the vacation. I recommend at least one 24-hour fast every month at a minimum and every week ideally.

Benefits of a 24-hr Fast

  • Mental Clarity
  • Reduced bloating
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Autophagy
  • Weight loss
  • Spiritual calmness
  • More focus

This article is an excerpt from my upcoming book, “The Black Girl’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting & Nutrition. This book is THE Game Changer when it comes to Black Women’s health. Stay tuned for update.

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