I’m here to say Goodbye…

“When in doubt, choose change”

Lily Leung

I’m here to say goodbye to Melanin Rich Wellness…well not exactly, but Melanin Rich Wellness as you know it. I’d love to introduce you to the new Melanin Rich Wellness and the woman behind MRW, Kathleen Nicole. I’ve often asked myself, how many times can you start over. And the answer is always the same. As many times as you need too.

I’ve undergone many changes and metamorphoses over the years, but this past one has been the most significant and the most difficult. For the past nine months, I’ve been going to see an energy healer, and when I tell you it has been the hardest inner work I’ve ever done, whew Chile! I became physically sick as my body adapted to the deep energetic healing that took place on the soul level.

One thing the energy healer kept asking me is, “who are you and why are you here at this time”. Answering that question has led me to make many changes in my life. From the way I relate to myself and those around me. I’ve gained true clarity about who I am.

Melanin Rich Wellness is an aspect of who I am. The strong warrior, willing to stand and fight for her people. Melanin Rich Wellness encompasses the radicalism and grit that makes me a force to advocate for the health liberation of my community. Melanin Rich Wellness reflects my upbringing in the Black Liberation Church, my deep admiration for heroes such Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Malcolm X, and the Black Panther Party. Melanin Rich Wellness echoes the mantra, “say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud”. Melanin Rich Wellness is my gift to God, the ancestors and the people

But there’s another part of me; brutally soft and beautifully broken. This is Kathleen Nicole (Pure Victory). The part of me so desperate to be the woman of my dreams, I have been willing to go into the pits of my own hell to face my demons and be tried in the fire of life to come out as pure gold. There’s a part of me that’s completely obsessed with seeing how much better I can become and as such, committed to a life of personal growth and development.

In the past, these two aspects of myself have been muddled under the banner of Melanin Rich Wellness, just as my identity was muddled in my pain.

Now it’s time to make a clear distinction between Melanin Rich Wellness and Kathleen Nicole. MRW will focus solely on the work I do in the community as a Health Activist and Black Radical. The brand Kathleen Nicole will be focused on my work as an Author, Speaker, Executive Holistic Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Personal Growth & Development Strategist. I will be blogging primarily from the Kathleen Nicole site.

Thank you all so much for your support over the years! I appreciate every one of you that has read my articles, purchased my services and books, or taken the time to express how I’ve made a difference in your life. I hope you continue to support Melanin Rich Wellness and would love to have you join me at Kathleen Nicole

Blessings, Love, and Radicalism to you all, Kathleen Nicole

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  1. you are who you are and always has been Kathleen Nicole . Peace Queen

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