I Do Not Consent: My Three Reasons for Not Getting the COVID “Vaccine”

“Only the strong go crazy, the weak just go along”

Assata Shakur

At 14 years old, I became a staunch critical and independent thinker. In 8th grade my Black social studies teacher taught us Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. In 9th grade, I took an American History class and learned that wasn’t how it went down. Abraham Lincoln did not free the slaves. In fact he didn’t give a damn whether slavery existed or not, his only goal was to preserve the Union. I went home absolutely livid. How dare this Black teacher teach her Black students lies about so-called white saviors. I told my dad that I would never let anyone teach me anything about our people and history ever again and I would learn everything on my own. He fully supported me and gave me the book 100 Facts About the Negro with Complete Proof by JA Rogers and that was where it all began. I learned to rely solely on my own research and intuitive promptings. I learned to never take anything anyone tells me at face value without first asking the most important question. Where is this information coming from? I’ve been at this for 23 years and COVID was not going to make me stop being and doing what has always been my MO. Here are my three reasons for not consenting to the “vaccine”

  1. White Ain’t Right

And that is my all-encompassing, number one reason for not getting the vaccine. I don’t trust or support anything that comes from white society. Especially the US Healthcare System. SERIOUSLY. There is nearly 500 years of hard core, proven evidence that Black people cannot trust in or believe anything white society says, does or promote. Just a few examples of the inhumanity of white society:

The transatlantic slave trade

The dehumanization, subjugation, and oppression of Chattel slavery

The terror of the KKK and lynching

Jim Crow

Devil’s Punchbowl

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

And the list goes on and on. Finally, don’t offer me a free “vaccine” while I’m still waiting for my 40 acres and my mule.

2. Genetic Experimentation

This “vaccine” is not a vaccine in the traditional sense that we know it to be. They are not injecting you with a weakened or inactive virus. They are injecting people with mRNA. RNA informs your cells what to do (carries genetic information). This RNA supposedly instructs your body to create a spike protein to trigger an immune response. This is a genetic treatment. One’s DNA has been altered, perhaps permanently. This type of genetic treatment is the first of its kind. It has not been approved.  It has been authorized for emergency use. They did it with plants beginning in 1994 with GMO crops (genetically modified organisms) which they still don’t know the full impact of on the human body. For example, GMO corn is linked to the drastic increase in gastrointestinal diseases. Prior to the introduction of GMO crops, there was no such disease known as diverticulitis. It will be years before we know the full impact of the COVID 19 genetic treatment. I love my melanin too much to allow it to be altered. Feel free to research the following:

Gene drive technology and research

Monsanto and the link between GMO crops and the “vaccine”

Vaccine shedding (even genes can shed)

Genetic experimentation

The gene drive files

3. The Body Can Heal Itself

I was never worried about getting COVID because if I did, I knew I would be ok. The body is designed to self-heal, self-regulate, and regenerate. I trust in my body’s ability to heal more than I do the US healthcare system. I trust my body to fend off foreign invaders if contact is made. Given the right conditions, the body will heal itself. I haven’t been intermittent fasting over the past 3 years for over 20,000 hours, drinking water, getting as much sunlight as I can, getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night, training in the gym, walking/running, stretching, and doing yoga, and juicing to all of a sudden go get a shot. No! I nourish my melanin, ensure my immune system is fortified and take care of my body so that it can and will take care of me.

I don’t watch the news, ever. I am not fearful. I don’t follow the masses. I am careful not to follow the crowd. I ask questions. I research. I read. I listen to my intuition. I follow the guidance of my ancestors. I rely on my melanin. I rely on the inherent truth of my greatness as the descendant of the enslaved superhuman here on American soil. And I do not consent to your vaccine.

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  1. Great read Queen! Truly thankful that you shared this because everyone I know has an issue about not being vaccinated. I will be sharing this!😘

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