Carry Only What You Need For The Journey

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“The knowledge we need to face most of life’s experiences is imprinted on our genes. It was passed on to us by our grandmothers, reinforced through and by our mothers”

Iyanla Vanzant

This is a powerful concept and one that I have been grasping at the root for about a year now. This also ties into the concept that everything we need to know; we already know. And the answers we need are already inside of us. There is no higher wisdom or authority outside of our own soul. If this is true (which I know it is), then I have been wasting an awful lot of time struggling to figure out my life. And that is exactly what I have been doing. Going from one struggle to the next, one drama to the next, believing that happiness, love, and peace were so far out of reach the best I could do was to survive the struggles and drama. Oh, how wrong I have been.

What keeps us from this inherent knowledge and wisdom that will save us years of hurt, pain and struggle? If it is imprinted on our genes why don’t we access it? It is like finding a needle in a haystack. There is simply too much in the way. We are carrying too much. In our effort to balance all that we carry and keep it intact, we don’t even have the ability to see that there is a wellspring of knowledge, truth and wisdom within us.

One of the most significant purposes of life is to let go, release, and move on. We’ve convinced ourselves that our strength and resilience is best demonstrated by our ability to hold on, dig in and stand firm. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson recently, it’s better to let go than to hold on. I’ve learned that it is best to only carry what I need for the journey. Everything else must go. All I need is to know myself, accept myself, love myself and be at peace with who I am. Any and everything that prevents me from doing these four things, I must let go of and release. I don’t need them for the journey.

Anger, bitterness, resentment, feelings that someone owes one something, unrealistic expectations of others, past life and current life traumas, the criticism of others, and the issues of our parents and family members that were projected during childhood will get in the way . All of these are unnecessary for the journey and must be let go of.

Once I began to let these things go and start to carry only what I needed for the journey, I began to reactivate dormant DNA. I began to access the knowledge that was imprinted on my genes. I began to live from the heart and not out of the fear and doubt that had carried me through all these years. I began to access my highest soul truth. I found my path, cleared away the debris and began to walk it. The problems and issues that had seemed insurmountable before, became beautiful stepping stones and reminders of the power that resides within. It was then that I realized I had what I needed for the journey. A deep love and appreciation for who I was. A deep desire and ability to forgive myself for past mistakes and perpetuating a cycle that kept me in bondage.

Once I began to carry only what I needed for the journey, I felt lighter. A sense of peace and calm seemed to always be close by. When those moments of fear and doubt resurfaced, my higher self immediately said, NO and began to speak my highest truth to me. Carry only what you need for the journey. Everything else must go. If you’d like to speak with me about how you can begin to carry only what you need for your journey, please feel out the form and I’ll be in touch.

“Trust your heart, for there is the truth. Sop loving with your minds, love with your heart, your true heart…”

Iyanla Vanzant

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  1. Amen and true

  2. I agree… I am new on my journey… I am starting juicing next month..

  3. I believe your in my soul sometimes! Thanks

    1. ♥️♥️ my pleasure!

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