Adapt or Die: Why Many of us Won’t Make It Through the Pandemic

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”
Charles Darwin

We are the children of the African Diaspora. We are the offspring of super humans. We are the progeny of the most resilient people on this Earth. It took an immeasurable amount of strength and mental fortitude to survive the middle passage and life on the plantation. Not every African was able to do so. Many died on the ship and many others chose suicide over slavery. But more than strength and fortitude, it took the unique ability to adapt. It took the ability to assess the current situation and figure out how to make it work for one’s best interest. That was and still is our greatest tool to navigate this racist, white world. Our ancestors had it figured out. Adapt or die. Adaptation manifested into Hoodoo, Negro Spirituals, Gullah Geechee culture, the Blues, soul food, and every facet of slave quarter culture and black life. We created an entirely new way of life that nurtured our bodies and souls. This allowed us to excel and thrive in the midst of bondage, subjugation, and deep oppression. Our ancestors chose adaptation over death.

“My ancestors survived the Middle passage, Chattel Slavery, and Jim Crow. I am the descendant of superhumans”

We are now living in a time that no one has seen or experienced before. The global pandemic and current political climate has wreaked havoc on our world. Everything we once knew is seemingly fading away. The life we once lived is no more. Many people are unable to cope. But It’s sink or swim baby. It’s adapt or die. Lamenting what once was is only going to cause more anxiety. Wishing for days gone by won’t bring them back.

Our ancestors survived because they accepted their new reality and adapted. They kept the remnants of the past they could and created something new. They assessed their new surroundings, tapped into their God given Ashè and lived their life to the fullest. Many of us won’t survive this new world that’s emerging. For some it may be a literal death as many of us have died from Covid-19 due to underlying chronic diseases. For many more, it will be a spiritual/mental/energetic death. We will succumb to anxiety, depression, panic, mania, breakdowns, illness and disease. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our roots run too deep to be carried away by the storms of life. The ability to Adapt is embedded within your DNA. It’s who you are at your core. You are the offspring of the greatest adapters this world has witnessed.

“You are worth every prayer whispered by your ancestors”

Adapt or die

Kathleen is the Owner of Melanin Rich Wellness Inc. The mission of MRW is to optimize the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the Black community using African Holistic Health. Kathleen is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, Certified Yin Yoga Instructor, Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Herbalist, Intermittent Fasting Specialist and Hoodoo Practitioner. Kathleen takes the upmost pride in tapping into her melanin rich DNA and following in the footsteps of the warriors, healers and teachers she lovingly calls ancestors.

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