The Helping Hand of the Ancestors

“We might think that the confusion we experience in our daily life happens in isolation, but in reality, it has something to do with our lack of connection to our ancestors”.

Sobonfu Some

“How can I do it all” were my nagging thoughts all morning. How am I going to work, go to school, help my 4th grade daughter with online school, write, run a business, take care of my man, cook, clean, do laundry AND take care of myself. I could feel the panic and the fear of failure creeping into my energy field, ready to penetrate the force field of positivity and power I had created over the summer. Again, the question, “How”, came rushing into my mind

“You manifest your entire life. Control your thoughts. You have powers”

I thought of my ancestresses, the enslaved women whose blood runs through my veins. The women who left the magical blueprint for me to follow. The women who gifted me both their pain and power. The women who did it all. The women who didn’t have the time to ask How, they just did. I thought of the supernatural strength and resilience they possessed. The inherent feminine power and intelligence they tapped into, to be and do all they needed to be and do. If they could work them rice, cotton and tobacco fields, run Massa’s household and still nurture their husbands and children then I too could be and do what I needed. Because compared to them, I have it so easy.

“My ancestors survived the Middle Passage, Chattel Slavery and Jim Crow. I am the descedent of superhumans”

My thoughts began to shift from “How”, to “With God and the ancestors on my side, I’m going to do this. With pure love, grace, and wisdom”. My spirit began to elevate, and I felt the life force began to rise within me. I grabbed the bag of potatoes to start to prepare them for dinner. The bag was sealed with this clasp

The number 211. I went to my book of numbers and looked up the meaning of the number 211. It said the following:

“Now is the time for you to rise above any seeming problems and ensure that every word you speak, write or think is positive. You are manifesting very quickly, so you want to ensure that you focus solely upon your desired outcomes and do not dwell on any fears”.

It was no coincidence. This was a message and reminder from my ancestors. “You got it girl, you got it” (in my Drake voice). I can do this. I will succeed. I can be and do all I need to be and do. And without stress, anxiety, or fear.

“A challenge is not a threat. It simply illuminates an opportunity to improve your overall circumstances and support the expression of your power”

The ancestors are here to assist, guide, and offer the gifts of hope, reassurance and courage. They are here to give reminders, messages and nudges. When we win, they win. When we overcome, they overcome. What we end in this life, ends in all other lives. They have an invested interest in our happiness and healing.

“It is this power of the ancestors that will help us direct our lives and avoid falling into huge ditches. Ancestors can see future, past and present. They can see inside and outside of us” Sobonfu Some

“Our ancestors are not dead and gone. They are buried in every gene, every cell, and in our very own DNA”

Pull on the strength of the ancestors. Gladly and readily accept the gifts they offer. The wisdom they have is unparalleled. You are not alone.

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