Donna Went from 210 pounds down to 156lbs

*This post is an excerpt from my business partner Edward Williams, owner of Health By Any Means Necessary*

After months of begging her doctor to take her off a medication that she felt was only making her sicker, Donna had realized that she was being bullied.

She told me that she had vividly remembered how the energy in the room would change anytime she asked her doctor one question that might have opposed the advice of the doctor.

Donna told her doctor, “I just want to make sure there isn’t an alternative way to deal with this disease, because this medication is really making me feel like crap.”

Donna said, no matter what she asked her doctor as far as alternative methods, she felt like she was being judged, talked down to and intellectually intimidated.

“Of course, we can take you off your medications, but your diabetes will progressively get worst, and you may even have to get an amputation.”

Donna took his statements as a low blow, as she had told him previously that her brother had to get his leg amputated due to his diabetes, and it was what she feared most.

Donna asked, “What about food and exercise, do you have any recommendations for that?” He handed her a pamphlet from the American Diabetic Association, and told her to try this, but don’t stop your meds.

She felt trapped, Donna had worked as a school teacher all her life, and she didn’t know anything about medications, diabetes or weight-loss, but because of her job as a teacher, she was very familiar with bullies.

Donna’s oldest son (35 years old) happened to pay her a surprise visit one day, and although he was happy to see her, he was shocked when he saw the medications and glucose test strips on the counter.

Mamma, who’s, is this? Donna told me she remembers this like it was yesterday, as she had to regretfully tell her son that she was diabetic and had to take medications for it.

The mention of diabetes in her family immediately made everyone think of Donna’s brother who had the amputation, which caused his depression and so much more.

From there Donna told her son all about everything including her feeling bullied and not getting any help from her doctors at all. Her son immediately pulled out his phone and sent me a Facebook message. Her son was a customer and member of our Self-Care Alliance Tribe, and he was not about to let his mom feel bullied.

I immediately got Donna started on my type 2 diabetes program, which includes several fasting protocols. Of course, I told her to let her doctor know that she will be making lifestyle improvements and may need her medications adjusted during this time.  She called her doctor and left a message with the nurses, who then told her to be careful of scams and ripoffs.

After six months of dedication and consistency, Donna went form 210 pounds down to 156 pounds, and she was feeling GREAT! Most of all she was excited about her energy and mental clarity.

I told Donna to get some blood work done so we can see what her HA1c was and she was more than happy to have it done.

Her HA1c levels went from 8.7 to 5.5, in other words, NO MORE DIABETES!!!

When I asked Donna what helped the most on her journey, she said “the guidance, accountability and the empowerment of knowing that it could be done was priceless!”

I know for a fact that there are WAAYYY more Donna’s out there that have no idea how to navigate through this health care system and this world of health improvement. What’s even more unfortunate is that many have no idea that one of their strongest weapons against diabetes and so many other conditions, is fasting.

This is why we created The FAST Life 28-Day Challenge. The FAST Life program is an online challenge designed to help you radically improve your health in 28-days. No fads, diets, gimmicks or magical potions will be employed. However, we will deliver practical, sustainable habit-based actions that will move you closer to your desired health goals.

For 2019 we only did six rounds of our The FAST Life 28 Day Challenge, and the results were AMAZING!! We’ve had members who have improved all areas of their health by using our fasting protocols along with our coaching and our very supportive community.

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