Chapter 1: Release Your Ex

Here are some excerpts from Chapter 1 of F**k Boy Free: 10 Ways to Repel F**k Boys and Attract the Man of Your Dreams…enjoy

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“Whatever life takes from you, let it go”

Don Miguel Ruiz

If you are still holding space for the men and relationships from your past, it will be very difficult, if not impossible to attract the man of your dreams. You will struggle to create a loving connection with your kindred spirit if you refuse to cut the energetic cords tied to your ex. It is important to release the emotional clutter that lives in your heart. You must uproot the bitterness, anger and resentment you feel towards the men from your past. Simply declaring that you are “over him”, doesn’t mean that you are. It’s been my experience that burying something doesn’t mean it died. The man of your dreams cannot find you because there is no space for him in your life and heart. I used to watch the reality show Hoarders from time to time. Each episode chronicles two people who are unable to part with any of their possessions or garbage. The “stuff” they accumulated took over every part of their home. This made it difficult to walk, move around or even find a place to sleep. Because they refused to let anything go, they ran the risk of eviction, the loss of their families, and some of them have even faced jail time. This is an extreme example, but this is what can happen to our hearts and lives when we refuse to release the “stuff” from our past relationships. Despite not having any more room, the hoarders always find space for one more piece of junk, knickknack or pet. When we refuse to release the men and emotions from our past relationships, there will always be room for one more f**k boy. He will find himself right at home with all the other garbage in our heart….

The moment you release your f**k boy ex is the moment that your kindred spirit will begin to make his way to you. When you begin to clear out and release those old feelings, emotions and energy, it sends a wonderful message to the universe that you are ready for something or someone new and exciting. Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret explains it perfectly:

“It’s imperative that you create emotional, physical, and psychological space in your life…Nature abhors a vacuum. This means that the faster and more completely we clear out the old, the more rapidly and easily we’ll draw in the new”…

Your heart space must be clear of emotional and energetic clutter. The attachments to past lovers must be lovingly and gently severed. No man will feel welcome in a heart where other men have made a home. And as my favorite poet Upile Chisala has said, engage in the practice of “letting go of gone things and saying, that wasn’t mine, but mine is on the way”. Never forget, sometimes things don’t work out because they weren’t supposed to.

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